Joined up thinking

I have been working slowly on the Obsession and Repetition project and have a set of plates now that I will print up. They have proofed nicely but I’m keeping them under wraps until the show that Gaynor Perry is curating opens in April.

My MS is slowing me down a bit more and I’m sure that has informed an idea that is rolling around in my head.

I love maps and plans.

Image  Edina Historical Maps via Spitalfields Life

A project that could map home alone-ers, whether through disability or not, and link them together somehow via the internet..a sort of solo’s Skype. Maybe a focused common experience made into a shared piece of work, film, print or music.

Steve Messam has told me about a FRED project that enabled virtual companionship in the pub. They exchanged beer & sausages and had joint pub quizzes for mountain rescue teams.

I’m thinking. I know we’re supposed to keep these things quiet and bid for funding but I’m going to think aloud.

About Pam Newall

Freelancer, Printmaker, Architect Interested in all aspects of design, in accessibility and in making my own work


  1. Hi, Pam.
    Looking forward to more blogposts from you. Haven’t managed to find a way to subscribe yet, but when I log in to post this comment, WordPress may give me that option. Saw your prints at Mansers in the Printmakers show, which I liked.

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