The new version…of nearly everything

Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

Samual Beckett would have worked out that the key to writing a blog is to keep writing it. This is my attempt to fail better at writing my blog.

Design and printmaking have been constant themes over the last year. Design so far as noticing how well or otherwise things work for disabled access and for everyone else as well. Printmaking so far as working out how to keep doing it and discovering lots of support out there to help me keep doing it.

I have been getting used to an electric bike, a mobility scooter and working my way through DDA/PIP, Motability, driving assessments and lessons. I’m half way through an MS drug trial. I’ve joined the Board of the Shropshire Disability Network. I have written on access issues for Building Design magazine, the architect’s newspaper.

I love good design, printmaking, architecture and lots more and am going to talk about them all here. Tell me what you think on any of these issues, it would be lovely to hear from you.


About Pam Newall

Freelancer, Printmaker, Architect Interested in all aspects of design, in accessibility and in making my own work

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