Jumping to Collograph

I am amazed by how long it is taking me to shift from making large screenprints and etchings in a print studio. Part of it is missing a studio that I can get to and part is getting used to working differently around the changes MS is making.

Looking at Katherine Jones’ work again today has reminded me that when I’m at home I can make smaller collograph based work. So that’s what I’m going to try when I can’t screenprint or etch in a print studio. Going back to drawing sort of but with a scalpel into card..its going to be interesting to see how it works out and whether it will sit happily with the rest. I need some carborundum…

About Pam Newall

Freelancer, Printmaker, Architect Interested in all aspects of design, in accessibility and in making my own work


  1. I agree, collagraphs are a great medium and they can be electroplated for extra life and different textures.

  2. Thanks Don..it is about working to suit the space! Have fixed some clamps and screen possible now too 🙂 Electroetch looking very exciting x

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