Thinking about defining myself…

Screenprint, Pam Newall. 'A Child's Christmas in Wales' Oriel Wrecsam

Screenprint, Pam Newall. ‘A Child’s Christmas in Wales’ Oriel Wrecsam

I’m looking at an interesting gallery commission that seeks a disabled artist to help look at creative ways of attracting a wider audience. The selection criteria include that the artist define themselves as a disabled person.

I have been thinking a lot about the transition from ‘able-d’ to ‘disable-d’. For many disabled artists there hasn’t been a transition – there has only been ‘disabled’. I have only been me, so maybe should only speak about the impact of disability on me and my work and daily perception of the world.

It’s interesting.

About Pam Newall

Freelancer, Printmaker, Architect Interested in all aspects of design, in accessibility and in making my own work


  1. I think this is a bold, brave and interesting idea. I wish you well, Pam, and will be interested to see how your work develops. Good luck!

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